The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya are among some of the most lavishly decorated and extensive systems of submerged caves in the world.

These sacred Mayan waters have 100% perfect visibility, minimal to no flow and a relatively shallow depth. The majority of the dives are between 10 and 25 meters/ 30 and 75 feet. This allows for long dive times, whilst remaining within safe decompression limits. Added to this the diver is further spoiled as the water temperature is a continuous 24C/75f all year .

With extensive passageways, speleothems, water densities and the optical illusions they produce, plus the very delicate fresh water cave life.  the area has much to offer well beyond the world of the oceans, to which the cenotes pour into, meandering their way underground.

Underworld Adventures provides all level of divers with the correct skills and techniques needed  for this environment.

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