Dai Jones


My name is Dai Jones. I am currently a cave diving instructor/guide, full time, and I specialize in cave photography and exploration as a hobby.

I was born in Wales, and went to University in Cardiff. I have an MBA. I worked until the age of 29 as an account manager, and did not enjoy my work. It was the last time. Since then I have carved out an existence here in Mexico,  and enjoy my life in the caves to the full. I have been here for six years, and it has been caves all the way. My relationship with the ocean was  lived out in Thailand and Egypt, and whilst we have tremendous reefs here on my door step in Playa del Carmen, it is the caves that take all of my time. I explore caves on various projects when not working, and live for working with my camera.  I enjoy teaching, and have been fortunate enough to have surrounded myself with excellent educators. I came to Mexico as an end to my diving career in 2002. The caves changed all that when I took my cave course with Steve Bogaerts, and I now have a life here I love, and don’t want to lose. When I teach, I am totally focused on providing the highest quality education. A cave course is always very challenging, for the instructor and the student, and I expect my students to apply themselves to the diving in a positive way that is focused on getting quality education.

There are always projects on the go down here, whether with a big group, or on your own and it seems silly to mention any of them individually. I dived extensively for fun at first, and then, when it was obvious I was not going to leave the caves, decided to become an instructor. I became a cavern instructor in 2004, Intro to Cave in 2005, and Full Cave in 2006, all with the IANTD, who work well in this region. During this time I have become a competent and well educated side mount diver, underwater surveyor, stage handler, scooter rider, and low light/no flash photographer, all skills needed for cave exploration and photography.



Born 02-02-69

Nationality British

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