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Cave Diving Philosophy

Whether training or guiding, we are committed to safe cave diving.

Safe cave diving is the only cave diving.

By being enthusiastic cave divers and explorers, and concentrating our resources on overhead environment diving in the caves of Quintana Roo, we are able to develop highly specialized skills which are of extreme benefit to our clients. Cave diving is a specialized niche branch of diving which requires an elevated and extremely individualized approach to education, and Underworld Adventures understands and provides that. Underworld Adventures is run by Dai Jones, and is managed primarily as a service for those who wish to dive in the cenotes.  He is also a part of a close network of other cave diving instructors and explorers.

Our training philosophy is simple. Divers who express an interest in wanting to just have another diving certification card make very bad  students.  Divers who start a cave diving course need to want to cave dive, and need to be willing to invest in their training, to enable them to dive in this fragile environment.  There are no short cuts. We believe that people should put into practice the skills they have acquired once a course is completed. Therefore, we avoid teaching courses in the minimum amount of time. Divers get certified when they are ready, the card has to be earned, and Dai will dedicate the time to the individual to make that happen. This takes the pressure off what is in actuality a mentally and physically tough course, and the most rewarding educational experience diving can provide.

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